Pantomimes, Christmas Carols and Charles Dickens


Have you already decorated your house for Christmas? Haven’t you prepared your Christmas Menu yet? Because… the date is coming! In this post, I would like to talk about what happens outside the English houses because Christmas is not only celebrated inside, there are a lot of special events on the street to enjoy these dates. Christmas on the street is lived in an amazing way. Christmas markets, Christmas Carols Choirs and Christmas Lights in the main streets have been taking place since the beginning of November.

Every district prepares its own Christmas Market with special decorations and they have different days to light on in order not to match with the light on in other districts. You should go to Kingston, Borough Market, Covent Garden, Notting Hill…

But, If I had to highlight two of them, I would choose these ones:

Trafalgar Square:

There is a huge Christmas Tree in this famous Square. It is more than 20 meters high. Moreover, this tree has a history behind it. It has been a gift from Norwegian since 1947 to show gratitude to the UK for helping in the Second World War. The Mayor of Oslo is usually there the day that the tree is lighted on.

Winter Wonderland:

It is in the heart of the city, in Hyde Park. I had never seen anything like that before! It is a enormous theme park in which you can find everything: rides for children, rides for adults, food stalls, concerts, mulled wine and the biggest ice rink in London! Infinite Entertainment!

In addition to all these places, there are also many traditional places to enjoy the Christmas days with a lot of history. They are very important for English people. It is not the first time that I have said that English people respect a lot their traditions and customs.

Christmas Carols:

It is not difficult to see choirs on the street singing carols. And most of them are quite good. The most famous perfomances take place in Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. The money they collect is given to NGO’s to help people who need it.

Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol

There is not Christmas without Charles Dickens and his story “A Christmas Carol”. The story is about Ebenezer Scrooge, a greedy and selfish man, who travels through the time to visit the last, the present and the future Christmas. In Geffrye Museum there are some rooms decorated with a recreation of a Christmas of the Dickens era.

Pantomimes, ballet y musicals.

London has a great offer of musicals, ballets, theatre plays and all kinds of shows throughout the year, but at Christmas it is even greater. Although, if there is something characteristic in the UK, they are the «pantomimes». The term “pantomime” comes from the Greek era and means «imitation». British pantomime is a kind of comedy perfomance. It is usually based on a famous story and they make a parody about it, adapting it to the current events.

Pantomimes are for the whole family, even for children. It is very funny because in the script and the jokes that they tell, there are references that are a bit «spicy» but are said in such a way that they entertain the elderly and the children do not realise it. Everything is turned around, the female characters are played by men and the male characters by women. The pantomime is something essential and important for the English at Christmas.

New Year’s Eve in London

There are not 12 grapes like in Spain but if you want to enjoy a spectacular fireworks show, you should go to the Thames riverside. The offering of restaurants and venues is wide and it fits for all the budgets. There are also restaurants in boats along the river but you have to book them in advance. I think one of the most affordable options is going to see the fireworks and enjoy the food and drink stalls and the live music there. It is a good option to go with a lot of friends and that has been my choice for this year. I already have my ticket and warm clothes to wear! Are you into?

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on Boxing Day


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