The Red Wedding of Game of Thrones

My recent visit to Scotland and to the impressive Edinburgh Castle are the main reasons to write this post. How to arrange a unforgettable wedding which everyone can’t stop talking about:

The Red Wedding of Game of Thrones

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones or you have watched the series, you will know what I am talking about. But, what you maybe don’t know is that this episode is based on two historical facts that they took place in Scotland: The Massacre of Glencoe and the Black Dinner.

(Spoiler alert about Season 3 of Game of Thrones)

Game of Thrones series is based on «Song of Ice and Fire» written by George R. Martin.

In the episode 9 Season 3, we see one of the most powerful moments. The show gives a spectacular twist to the plot. The wedding which is celebrated in this episode is inspired by an episode in the history of Scotland: The Black Dinner. And where was this Black Dinner celebrated? Yes! In Edinburgh Castle!

The Black Dinner

In 1440 the Douglas Clan was one of the most powerful families in Scotland. They were “Earls” and the descendants were known with the nickname “The Black”. The Earl William Douglas (16 years old) and his little brother were invited to the dinner birthday party of James II of Scotland (10 years old). Sir William Crichton gave them the King’s invitation. Crichton wanted to stop the power of Douglas Clan. As the history says, while the children were enjoying the party, suddenly, someone gave them a head of a Black bull at the same time that a drum was played. In spite of the tears of James II, they kipnapped the children and they were beheaded to end with the power of their family.

Glencoe Massacre was in 1691 when all the Scottish Clans were forced to swear loyalty to James II of England and VII of Scotland. The King said that every clan should have swear loyalty on the 1st of January. McDonald Clan, who was placed in the Highlands (North of Scotland), couldn’t sworn in time because they were loyal to other King at that time and they had to wait to break that promise to swear loyal to James II. As a consequence of this, they were late and the King felt offended so he decided to revenge.

On February, a Group of royal army were at McDonald place. They were commanded by Robert Campbell. They asked them for a place to spend the night because of the weather and during that night, they killed all the people and they burned all the houses. Every man, woman and child was killed that night by the Campbell or because of the cold weather.

So… if your surname is Campbell and you decide to go to Glencoe, you can’t go inside Clachaig-Inn Pub. You and all your family are not allowed to go inside.

Red Wedding

All this inspiration is seen in the spectacular scene of Game of Thrones. It is developed during the wedding feast, and the «wedding planner» is none other than Lord Frey. It was a revenge against Robb Stark because he had broken the marriage agreement with one of his daughters and he had got married with another, Talisa.

The staging is amazing. At the key point of the feast, the song «The rains of Castamere» begins to play. This song is the favorite music of the Lannister Family who are the main enemies of the Stark. They close the Doors and the massacre begins.

It was a success for this “Wedding Planner”. His goal was completed.

In both cases, they break the “Hospitality Medieval Law” which said that the guests and the host should respect each other. If they share salt and bread under the same roof, they are protected by each other and they can’t attack each other. It was considered as a maximum offence.

Scotland in Game of Thrones

Although not too many shots have been filmed in Scotland, we can watch a lot of influence in the series. Only Doune Castle, in Stirling, was one of the sets used to film in the first season of GoT. This Castle also appeared in the film: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

A Pop-up Event

Choosing Edinburgh to arrange this pop-up event, it is also a proof of this influence. It was a very imaginative event which was celebrated last year in the basement of Daylight Robbery and it was organised by The Pop Up Geeks.

Ephemeral spaces are trendy, and this one was a completely success. I would love to visit it. You can see pictures about it here. They will celebrate it again, so keep an eye on their website. They have promised to go back.

The event is called “Blood and Wine” 

A greeting with V for eVents


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