What is Boxing Day in the UK?

Hi and Happy Holidays!

Today is the 26th of December. Yesterday we enjoyed a good Christmas Day with a delicious meal with the family. We have already tidied the house and kept the roast turkey and the pudding in the fridge so… What shall we do today? What do you fancy? Going for a walk? Helping the charity? Doing sports? Watch it on TV? Go shopping to buy some bargains on sales?

Origin of Boxing Day

December the 26th is a public holiday celebrated in the UK, it is called Boxing Day. Let’s see what is the history of this tradition and what they usually do on this day.

During the Roman era, it was a custom to give a tip to the soldiers and servants at the end of December, just when the Winter Solstice was celebrated. It was a kind of bonus as a sign of gratitude because of their work during all the year.

This habit has arrived until nowadays, hasn’t it? Doesn’t it remember you to the Christmas Basket that companies give to workers, suppliers and special customers?

Since the Victorian Era, around 1830, the 26th of December has been considered as a holiday in the UK. Although the day after Christmas had already been celebrated since the Middle Ages. That day, the employer allowed the servants to go to their homes to visit their family and have a free day all together. The employers gave them a “box” with some food of the Christmas Day and some money. That is the reason why it is called “Boxing Day”

Later, the customers also gave the shop assistants, who usually served during all the year, a gift to thank them.

How is the Boxing Day celebrated nowadays?

Nowadays this day is enjoyed as a day to have a rest with the family or friends. There are a wide selection of activities to do. They depend on your choice. Some people go for a walk, go picnic, go to church to collaborate with charity… The leftover food of Christmas day is usually their meal for Boxing Day.

Going shopping to buy some bargains is often one of the most favourite activities to do. The big Deparment Stores open and offer big sales on the 26th of December.

But, if there is something really famous in Boxing day, it is to do or to watch sports. Swimming in freezing cold water, horse races, football… If I had to highlight one, I would choose The Grantchester Barrel Race haha it is quite amazing and eccentric.

Here is a video about last year’s race and the link in case you want to enrol or train for next year haha

In spite of all of these different sports, the main one is football.

In the rest of Europe, as it also happens in Spain, the Football League is paralysed during these dates but in England is different. A lot of Premier League’s matchs are played on the 26th of December and this day also marks the end of the first round of the football season.

The British Royal Family also celebrates Boxing Day

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II and her family usually go to Sandringham House to spend Christmas Days there. This year, as a big update, they are hosting a very special guest… Meghan Markle, the fiancée of Prince Harry. It is quite innovative because previously that honor was only within reach of wives not fiancées.

As you can see, It is a big day in the UK to spend with family, friends, sports, charity…

I think I’m going to train for The Grantchester Barrel Racer haha I’m thrilled with that haha and how about you? What are you into?

Happy Holidays and Happy 2018

A greeting with V for eVents


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  1. Boyoung Chang dice:

    Hola Blanca!
    It was a great post about boxing day that i was wondering so far
    Thank you and Happay new year haha
    See you soon🙋

    1. Thanks Boyoung! I’m happy you liked it!

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